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How to Backup new DVD movie, DVD Backup, DVDFab Decrypter, VobBlanker, & DVD Shrink/Nero Recode 2 Tutorial

<><> Alkohol's VobBlanker method to successfully rip and backup any new release DVDs <><>

No AnyDVD, no DVD43, no hustle, no black screen, no glitches whatsoever.

Alright, I've decided to make this simple guide, specifically for Newbies, or those that don't have AnyDVD or those that needed helps only. I will use THE FOG for example in this guide. Yes, THE FOG has the latest Sony's protection just like "THE CAVE", it has an error of "not compressable" when you're trying to "transcode/compress" with DVD Shrink or Nero Recode 2 even if you've successfully ripped the movie into your hard drive by DVDFAB Decrypter or DVD Decrypter. To solve this problem, here's what you need to do.

<><> TOOLS NEEDED <><>
<> DVDFAB Decrypter [  link  ] or higher (DVDFAB Decrypter's home) [  link  ]
<> VobBlanker or higher [  link  ] or VobBLanker's home [  link  ]
<> DVD Shrink or Nero Recode 2 (your choice)

*NOTE: this guide is to backup the movie (THE FOG) that you owned only.

*NOTE: I've tested and played my backup and YES, it worked 100% flawlessly, watched the whole movie, no black screen, no glitches whatsoever. If you follow this guide carefully, meaning make "no mistakes" then you'll have a working "full disc" backup within roughly 50 - 70 minutes (depends on your computer specs).

<><><> STEP 1 <><><>
**Rip the movie (THE FOG) with DVDFAB Decrypter**

*NOTE: make a folder in your hard drive name THE FOG and a sub-folder name VIDEO_TS inside THE FOG, then EXIT out.

**NOTE: if you're trying to "transcode/compress" with Nero Recode 2 or DVD Shrink, IT WON'T WORK because of the new protection or bad/fake encrypted cells. Look at pictures for reference:

<><><> STEP 2 <><><>
**Process and filter out craps/junks (bad/fake/dummy cells) with VobBLanker**

*NOTE: make a folder name VOBBLANKER FOG and a sub-folder name VIDEO_TS inside VOBBLANKER FOG, or you can called it anything you want, just remember that's all*

NOTE: this step is to get rid of those 2 annoying FBI Warning craps or a few useless junks only. Feel FREE to skip this step if you want to. The FBI Warning may varies due to different dvds.

NOTE: skip the above steps and do this step only if you don't want to BLANK out anything.

<><><> STEP 3 <><><>
**Transcoding and compressing with Nero Recode 2**

That's it... easy as sippin' on some Hennessey. Again, if you've followed this guide and you still have some kind of issues regarding any "invalid VTS or similar", then it is obvious that you're doing something little off or maybe you've missed out something.

Here are some very useful links to know/have:

k-probe (a very useful site just about everything you need to know) [  link  ]
Updating Firmware page [  link  ]
All about dvd burners, firmwares, etc. [  link  ]

Things to remember, if you DON'T HAVE the latest from AnyDVD , then I suggest you TURN OFF AnyDVD or DVD43 or any cracking engines that's running in the background. Because most of the times, it conflicts with VobBLanker and you're likely to have some kind of issues when "processing" the movie files and filtering craps with VobBLanker.

MAKE SURE you have the latest from DVDFAB Decrypter or higher and VobBlanker or higher -- I've tested and confirmed that it worked 100% flawlessly, not only just THE FOG, but Dark Water, Red Eye, FlightPlan, Wedding Crashers, The Great Raid, Madagascar, Brothers Grimm, THE CAVE, Valiant, Stealth, Lord of War, Sky High, Half Light, Bewitched, The Man, American Pie Band Camp, etc.

Good luck and happy burning!!

Article by Alkohol a respected active member of AfterDawn.com

WARNING The information presented on this page illustrates how to backup compliant Video-DVDs to DVD±RW / DVD±R media. The software tools and information presented on this page work with unencrypted DVD files only and are not made to create illegal copies of copyrighted DVD material.
Please record responsibly. Before copying anything onto a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blue-Ray, HD-DVD please be sure that you are exercising your fair use rights under the copyright law and not violating any copyright laws.
DISCLAIMER The software from this web site is designed to assist you in reproducing only the material in which you own the copyright or for which you have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner. Unless you own the copyright or hold permission to copy from the copyright owner, you may be violating copyright law and be subject to payment of damages and other remedies. If you are uncertain about your rights, you should contact your legal advisor, you assume full responsibility for the legal and responsible use of the software downloaded or obtained by any delivery method from this web site.

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