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Need Kprobe Tips and Tricks?

There aren't many tips and tricks to Kprobe, its pretty straight forward. But the following are some tips that you can use. If you have more tips just email us.
  1. K-probe can only be run on Lite-On DVD-RW Drives, and cannot be run on Lite-On CD/DVD Drives that are just DVD-ROM Drives. DVD-ROM drives do not respond to the read-speed commands from Kprobe, so they will always scan at full speed. This is bad for DVDR scanning, which is why Kprobe works only on DVD-RW Drives.
  2. Use the bitsetting (Set Booktype) feature to set your DVD+R media to DVD-ROM for much higher compatibility with older DVD players and Game Consoles such as XBOX and PS2. You can find how to change the booktype at our Kprobe Bitsetting How To Guide .
  3. Set ECC PI sum 8
  4. Set PO(PIF) sum of 1
  5. Set Testing Speed at 4X CLV ("Constant Linear Velocity" which means "The data transfer rate is kept at a fixed level by changing the rotation speed").
  6. If you just got your Lite-On Burner: The first two burns might not be a clear indication of the quality of the discs. After about the 4th or 5th disc is where the drive calibration to work correctly and show more realistic Kprobe results.
  7. If you get blue screens and other errors when running K-probe, try changing your aspi version to 4.60. You can find the 4.60 version in your: "Windows\ForceASPI" folder and remove all other versions and install the 4.60 version.
  8. Some people have reported that their Nvidia drivers was the cause of kprobe not working, so you can try uninstalling your Nvidia drivers and see how kprobe performs.
  9. For external burners using USB and Firewire, you need to select and use the SPTI driver in K-probe
  10. Some people have reported for Version 2.4.3 Kprobe can crash if you have the emulated Alcohol 120% software installed.
  11. Also for Version 2.4.3, the new function that queries the drive using the "info\drive" tab crashes Kprobe..
  12. More coming soon...

If you have any kprobe / k-probe tips and tricks, please send them to me to put that up and I will give you credit for the tip or trick.

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